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Ought To Last Trading Enterprise (Pty) Ltd - November 30, 2015!

Products and Services

  • Abrasives & Power Tools

    Filing, Deburring, Descaling, Sanding, Cutting & Grinding, Finishing & Polishing etc.

    Abrasives & Power Tools

    Sand it, grind it, trim it, drill it, wash it, cut it, sharpen it, polish it... Whatever you want to do, we've got a product to do it and at a price that's right.

  • Cutting Tools

    Drilling, Milling, Turning, Reaming, Grooving, Threading, Metal Cutting, Die & Mould Tools etc

    Cutting Tools

    Bores, saws, blades and reamers... we've got everything you need to cut any job down to size whether you're working on home improvement or a production line.

  • Fasteners

    Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Kits, Balls, Threads, Plugs, Washers, Studding, Dowels etc.


    If you need to keep it together, then fasten on to our extensive range of bolts, screws, nuts, grommets and many more. You name it, we've got it.

  • Workshop Equipment

    Arbors, Clamps, Racks, Storage Bins, Cabinets, Cupboards & Benches, Workstations etc

    Workshop Equipment

    Don't you just love the sights and sounds of a workshop - whether it's in the heart of a factory or a garden shed. Browse our pages and you'll find all the equipment you need and even more that you want.

  • Personal & Protective Clothing

    Goggles, Helmets, Gloves, Ear Protectors, Boots, Shoes, Workwear, Fall Arrest Equipment, Eye Wash, Hi-Vis clothing etc.

    Personal & Protective Clothing

    This section is all about keeping safe with an extensive selection of workwear and equipment designed to offer effective and comfortable protection. Choose from Sitesafe®, TuffSafe® and Kennedy® safety wear and much, much more.

  • Hand Tools

    Automotive Tools, Wrenches, Sockets, Spanners, Chisels, Files, Hammers, Knives, Lubrication Equipment, Riveters, Construction Tools, Gardening Tools, Carpentry Tools, Soldering and Electrical Equipment, Tape Measures, Scaffolding Tools, Safety Tools etc.

    Hand Tools

    When it comes to getting your hands on the right tool for the right job, you know where to look for one of the best choices of top quality products at great prices.

  • Lubricants & Chemical Products

    Adhesives, Thinners, Solvents, Coolants, Hot Dip Coatings, Lubricants, Food Lubricants, Greases, Spill Control Systems, Storage Containers, Markers, Paints, Repair Compounds etc.

    Lubricants & Chemical Products

    From non-setting sealants to anti-slip floor paints, instant adhesives to graffiti remover, this section is a treasure trove of really useful products that make life and the job so much easier.

  • Janitorial & Maintenance

    Hand wash products, barrier creams, wiper rolls, waste bins, buckets and mops etc.

    Janitorial & Maintenance

    All the essentials for ensuring a pleasant, clean and hygienic working environment - from hand and skin care for washrooms, workshops and production processes through to air fresheners, disinfectants, floor cleaners and polishers.

  • Welding

    Welding Materials, TIG, MIG, MAG, ARC, MMA, Plasma, Protective Clothing, Welding Rods, Arrestors, accessories and spares etc.

    Welding Equipment

    Welding is a specialist art and we've got all the kit to enhance both performance and safety - from TIG, MIG, Arc and Gas welding equipment to stylish helmets and heavy duty gauntlets, all at a price that's spot on.

  • Office Suppliers & Stationery

    Paper, Pens, Files, Furniture, Filing, Boxes, Folders, Staplers, Office Machines, Consumables, Toners, Packing and Packaging Materials, Envelopes, Clocks, Safes, Computer/IT supplies etc

    Office Suppliers & Stationery

    An ever expanding range of office essentials for the modern workplace - from the smaller stuff like staplers, erasers and calculators through to larger items like drywipe boards and office chairs.

  • Site Maintenance

    Storage cabinets, padlocks, hazard tape, spill kits, fire extinguishers, site signage, first aid kits etc.

    Site Maintenance

    Looking after premises and personnel is an essential part of any successful business and we have an extensive range of products on hand to help you do just that – from spill control to fire safety, and from floor matting to traffic management.

  • ICT Solutions/Equipment

    Ought To Last Trading Enterprise strives for the excellence in offering ICT services. Be it ICT products, Equipment or pheripherals we serve our clients with full satisfaction in products and after sales service.

    ICT Solutions/Equipment

    We manage every aspect of your sale to guarantee unsurpassed reliability. The company philosophy at OTL is that its clients should derive value to their business from both domain knowledge and technical expertise encapsulated in OTL's services, solutions and products.